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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Domain Name Buyers - Your Bid is Your Commitment
A bid for a domain name at is considered a binding contract. If your bid for a listed domain is the highest bid and is accepted by the seller, you're obligated to purchase the domain name and pay for it.
An unpaid domain name will be recorded on your account, and if your account has too many unpaid domain names within a short time period, your account will be suspended from participating in the`s domain bid system.

Domain Name Sellers - Your Listing is Your Commitment
A listing of a domain name for sale at is considered a binding contract. You are obligated to sell your listed domain name to the highest bidder at the end of its listing period. If you withdraw a listed domain name before the listing expiration day, all existing bids will be voided and you are not obligated to sell the domain name.

Warranties and Representations
a) To list your domains for auction, you as a seller guarantee that you are the owner of the listed domains, and have a total control to conduct the sales of the domains. Furthermore, you warrant that your listed domain is not subject to any litigation or a warning of potential litigation, preliminary injunctions, or any IP related disputes.
b) To purchase domains from auction services, you as a buyer guarantee and agree that it is your sole responsibility and duty to perform all necessary due diligence including but not limited to trademark clearance of the domain before entering into an agreement to purchase the domain name. will manage the payment process and the transfer of the purchased domain. Unless specified and agreed upon by both parties in some transactions, charges the seller 10% of purchase price as commission fee, and the fee is due upon the effective date of the sales agreement.
In the event that either party fails to fulfill the responsibilities necessary to complete the sales transaction, shall have the right to cancel or temporarily suspend the transaction, and demand the commission payment from the party who has failed to take necessary steps to complete the transaction.
Buyers can choose one of the following payment options
Wire transfer to bank account
Certified check made to Credit card
A credit card payment will require a copy of the buyer` personal ID, credit card, and a signed agreement to pay. The payment is due five (5) days from date of purchase agreement.
You need to agree to this agreement before you can participate in services.
Your click on the `Agree` servers as a binding legal document between you and